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        Company Gardens, Cape Town

        My babiest baby cousin got married!  What a thing to get my mind around.

        I grew up in Botswana with Dusty like a naughty little brother, and saw him basically every single day.  I still always think of him as three years old running around the garden, covered in mud, always, his tanned, naughty little body in his little red or yellow undies. I need to get with the times.

        Dust and wonderful Mariska officially got married in court right after these photos were taken, and had a small, family luncheon afterwards. They weren’t planning on having photographs at all, but I insisted that we at least mark the occasion and get some of them in the gardens on their walk down to court.  I mean, really, Dusty!

        I’m sure they’re both happy we did it.  Short and sweet.