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        My approach:

        My style is informal and observant with a documentary-forward approach. I aim to capture celebrations as real and raw as they are, with a strong technical consideration of light and composition.

        My job is to work with you to make sure you feel comfortable behind the camera, to capture your celebration in an intimate and beautiful way and to give you photographs that not only look like your day but feel like it too. Photographs that you’ll want to look at over and over again for years to come.

        Most of my wedding clients are:

        Relaxed and confident in my ability to capture their wedding day in an unpretentious and authentic way.  

        Brave, they do what they want how they want and don’t necessarily stick to “wedding rules”

        Open to non-traditional approaches.

        Unique. My clients have all sorts of celebrations.  Many of them get married at home.  Some don’t walk down the aisle or have a ceremony. Most of them simply have an intimate celebratory meal.  Some don’t even sit down to eat.  But they all share the desire to have their day captured in an authentic way.