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        If you haven’t been to Matjiesfontein yet, add it to your weekend away list.  Just a disclaimer for all the babies: it’s haunted.  Admittedly I had to think twice when Simone asked me to shoot her wedding – I am the biggest baby of all.  An adult baby.

        Built in 1899.

        Used as a military hospital during the Anglo-Boer War.

        Need I say more?

        Ghosts aside, it’s a beautiful Karoo town that feels completely unreal and is always a fun place to go.

        Something I loved about this wedding was how the guests all met for drinks before the ceremony.  All the women for bubbles in the yellow room and the men in the old pub. The trumpet was sounded and everyone was loaded onto the double decker red bus and driven very slowly 200m down the dust road to the church.  That was my best!

        On the ghost front …there were a few “experiences”, it must be said.  I hope it was all just a dream.